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and for the KIDS … pour les GOSSES …

the Little Muslim le Petit Muslim

Ramadân – the Euro Way


fasting.jpgallahplant2.jpg Fasting – who ? me ? Way too hard man, no can do ! Wait untill you’ve read this article ! Go ahead and throw in every grain of criticism you can find !


Prayer – the Euro Way
  takbir2.jpgpearl.jpg The islamic prayer – sounds too hard to be practiced with joy in a non-islamic society ? Read this and then think again … or better still: have a nice go at it and experience what prayer is really all about !
More to come !   (marriage, divorce, raising kids, facing up to life’s challenges)
coranfleur.jpg Always kind of wondered what a quran reading lesson might sound like ? Here’s your chance to find out: free and ready for you to enjoy !
yellow.jpg So what more is here … well, a lot – mostly stuff that may help you think through old brain knots again, hopefully resulting in new points of view that might just give you that new breath (the one you were actually kind of … looking for ?)

A vos marques,

Partez pour la découverte de votre bien être, Partez pour la vie simple et vaste dictée par l’islam, Vivez dans le bonheur naturel et éternel … visitez aussi notre site soeur ici ! Encore plus de dynamisme pour ceux qui l’aiment et qui ont vraiment l’esprit vivant !

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  1. kamagate amadou dit :

    As’salam alaikoum! me concernant je crois qu’il sera plus interessant que les internauts que nous sommes ayons la faculter de telecharger plus simplement que possible les regles de TAJWID apartir de votre site…Qu’ALLAH nous gratifit de son Paradis Fir’Daouss

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