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State of need

Ibn al-Qayyim, the ‘doctor of the heart’, writes:

« It is possible that a person has a need for something… so he earnestly prays and requests Allah for it, until the sweetness of asking and imploring Allah is opened for him. So he enjoys being humbled before Him, and trying to draw closer to Him, using His Names and Attributes, and his heart becomes void of eveything besides Him, and he cuts off any relationship or hope for good from anyone else – all of which would never have occurred had it not been for his need… So it is possible that what good has come about because of this state of his is even greater, and more pleasing to him, than the actual need (that was the cause of such a state), to such an extent that he wishes to continue in this state, and prefers it over the actual fulfillment of his need. So his happiness due to this state is greater than the happiness he would achieve had his need actually been fulfilled. Some of those that have recognized (the signs of Allah) have stated: « Sometimes, I have a certain need (that I wish to ask) Allah, so I ask Him earnestly. Then, I find that the door of dialogue opens up for me, and I recognise Allah more (i.e. become more aware of Him), and feel humbled before Him, due to which I prefer that the answer to my prayer be delayed, so that this state may continue! »

Madarjis al-Salikeen, 2/229 – Gems of the Traveler

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