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 recitationkid.jpg   Now here’s a really unique and effective way of memorizing the Holy Qur’an step by step. Though the whole project may span a couple of years, you’ll never need to feel overburdened, as you will be encouraged to work with small sets of about ten verses per week, which for most people will be prove to be quite feasible. 
earbuds.jpg   We’ll start our journey with Juz Amma, the last (30th) part of the Qur’an, where we find all of the smallest surahs, those that are therefore quite easy to learn by heart. 
deco.jpgmushaftajweed.jpg  Very practical: Quran with big script and Tajweed color coding   Don’t forget to make the best use of the great tools modern technique has to offer, including those handy gadgets called mp3 players. The files are in mp3 format, so you can just listen to them anywhere, anytime. Click left to play the files on your computer’s standard player, or download them with a right click and then choosing « save target as ». Having a nice printed or online Qur’an with really big, well readable arabic script at hand will also be of great value to fully locate and so benefit from all the fine details we will constantly be drawing your attention to as we teach you how to recite the Qur’an correctly. This, of course, will encourage you even more to go on with your challenge and will incha Allah give you confidence to share what you have learnt with other people as well. There’s always a blessing in passing on good things, you know …
 tajweedengltranslit.jpgtajweedbaqarah2.jpg   The type of printed Quran you see on the left has it all: no efforts have been spared to equip it with all the features an absolute beginner who does not even know how to read the arabic letters too well yet, may need to get to grips with the fine art of Tajweed recitation. I has the english translation in the right margin, and transliteration (= how to pronounce the arabic, in roman script) on the left page. just as big as the arabic script that is really well readable and color coded, which makes the correct application of the tajweed rules a snap when you have the lessons we give here as a learning support. This is beyond practical: it is just fantastic ! If you have a hard time finding one, let us know and we will send you more information. See the real details in this picture !
quranpen.jpg   Our ten finest students will be offered the Quran mp3 player pen shown on the left as a reward for their proven efforts and seriousness, and an encouragement to pass the learning virus on around them !  Even though they themselves may not really need it after a certain time, it makes a great gift to someone they really care about and whom they would like to see taking up the same challenge they did. This pen contains all 37 surahs of Juz Amma, and is available in two variations: either with Shaykh Sudais or Shaykh Mishari Al-Afasi as a recitator. What to do if you want to order some right away ? Just write us for infomation, we’ll tell you how to get it !

Now right below you will find the first series of lessons. The recitation is in hafs style, and we hope you will enjoy them. Any remarks and encouragements for our brother Abuhaamed who was not really raised in an english speaking environment, are most welcome, as are your questions. And, as we said above, those who really want to get into it with a personal advice, are invited to contact us so we can do more, like have some private lessons and the chance to send us your own audio files for our commentary. For more of the english lessons (which have not been split up in sets of 10 verses yet), please go visit this page. If you like them, and think we’re not keeping up with your tempo: just ask for more !

Sourah Amma verses 1-10

Sourah Amma verses 12-20 

Sourah Amma verses 21-30

Sourah Amma verses 31-40 

Find more lessons by clicking here

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