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Who are you, Mom ?

 An interesting article written by our Abuhaamed, freely translated from French by Ghaliya 

« Mama » or « Mommy » no doubt would be the absolute winner in a worldwide opinion poll amongst babies to find out which is their most favorite word. Leaving alone the minor variations brought about by the language newborns hear spoken around them, it is the first or second word that comes rolling over their little lips with confidence, and which, from then, will just keep on rolling out again and again. Now what could possibly be the reason for that ? Well, this unique word perfectly symbolises and expresses the infant’s most close and vital attachment to its mother. For the little babe we see sitting or lying there is far from being an independent person yet, it is still nothing less than a piece of this same woman it just came peeping out from, the birth process having only detached his tiny body from hers a little bit, after it became too big to stay inside, where it has spent a long time growing inside of her, enjoying the most comfortable circumstances in the world.

But who says birth was ever meant to mark a sudden and definite ending to the 9 months of physical coexistence mother and child have grown used to ? In fact, we only need to take a sinlge close look at how things have naturally been arranged for the whole of creation, to see very clearly that this bond was meant to go on, if only in another form, after the separation of these bodies who were once linked together in a most wonderful way no man could ever have invented. This vital continuation can be perfectly and most easily achieved by means of the natural nursing process, which in all its apects shows that it was specifically designed to provide all that could ever be needed for this to happen in the very best way.

Now this natural state of affairs, which has been finding its way for ages and ages, would have been allowed to happily continue for ever and ever, had it not been for that strange male figure that suddenly thought he had to come forward and express his heartfelt, most caring wish, to finally « liberate » the poor women from this most strenuous nursing labour he saw the being subjected to. This noble man, as he wants us to see him of course, who by the way was never asked to do anything of the kind, simply jumped in to come and disrupt our most natural state of affairs, thereby going as far as to render the easy continuation of this perfectly balanced and well conceived process – as it was, to the utter satisfaction of both parties involved – rather impossible.

There he was then, this man, needing to show off his most caring nature, and therefore voluntarily undertaking this heartfelt mission of freeing the poor exhausted woman, crumbling away under the unhuman labour her little one gave her, by helping her to quickly get back to her beloved factory, director’s room or other work place, where she would feel really relieved when picking up her usual, much lighter and more rewarding job, and be getting the satisfaction of witnessing  how her mere joyful presence is able to lift up the spirits, just as it used to.

Now here’s an interesting point: when studying the case well, we can clearly see how our main actor has smartly arranged getting back all he needed for himself, namely his favorite decor, and another thing we discover here, is that this man, this creature who went to any length required in order to portray himself as most just, correct, and very helpful indeed, has simply realized one day that he could not bear to live without having a woman at his side anymore, and that therefore, he just needed to find a way of seeing to his need as he saw best fit -which happened to be achieved most easily – it only took some pretending to be seeing to the needs of the mother and her child he cared so much about - all of this in their best possible interest, of course.


…. to be completed …

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